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David Espinosa

Amigos do Semba
A passionate and versatile dancer from Peru. He started his Kizomba & Semba training with local artists Pedro Moreira Goncalves, Nico Krump and Marc Brewer. From there, he further polished his style by travelling to France, Spain, England and the Netherlands and trained with world reknown artists such as Isabel & Felicien, Albir & Sara, Mr. Tecas & Miss Jo, Fabricio & Sabrina, Eddy Vents & Lucia, etc. just to name a few here.

Since 2013, David is the only male semba teacher in Ontario trained in Europe and, he is one of the pioneers of Kizomba in Toronto, first as part of the GoDanz Taxi Dancer Team and recently as the founder of “Amigos do Semba”. He has been invited to instruct all over U.S., Canada, as well as in Peru.